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Business Online Banking

Customer Information

Secure Access Code Delivery Options

Our Online Banking system uses multi-factor authentication in addition to personal passwords to securely verify your identity. The first time you log onto online banking from a new computer, you will be asked where we should deliver a Secure Access Code. You would choose either an e-mail address or a phone number that we have on file from this application. Our Online Banking system will immediately forward the Secure Access Code to the delivery option you choose. Once received, you will input the Secure Access Code and we will send a Secure Token to your computer's browser. For this reason you will only be asked to do this process whenever you are using a new computer or if your computer does not accept the token. Each applicant must complete at least one delivery option. The more you complete the more options for delivery you will have to receive your Access Code in the future. Examples of times you may need a new access code would be while traveling or anytime you are logging on from a new computer, or if cookies are erased.

Account Access Information

Please provide the Account Number, Account Type and Access Level for each account that you wish to access using Online Banking. You must have signature authority on the account to have access to the information online. For Certificates of Deposits and Loans Only - you may list "All Certificates" or "All Loans" under the Account Number column and we will activate all Certificates and Loans we fund under your tax payer identification number. For Checking and Savings accounts we must have an account number to activate access.

Access Level Description

Full Access:View account(s) & make all online transactions
View & Deposit:View account(s) & make online deposits, NO withdrawals.
View Only:View account(s), NO online transactions.
Deposit Only:Make online deposits, NO viewing or withdrawals.

Signature & Disclosures

You must read the Electronic Banking Agreement and Disclosure before you submit this application.