Mortgage Lending

Looking for home financing? Here at Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust, we can help you realize the dream of home-ownership. Whether you're a first-time home-buyer, or an experienced veteran, here at Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust we offer competitive rates on our home loans. Let us help you finance one of your most important life assets-and one of the largest purchases you will make in your lifetime… your home.

  • Competitively low mortgage loan interest rates.
  • Fixed or Adjustable Rate (ARM) financing available.
  • Loan terms ranging from 5 to 30 years.
  • Personal, home-town service and local decision-making.

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    • Conventional Loans
      • We provide 10, 15, 20, 30-year loans.
      • Buyer has immediate equity in the property.
      • Low down payment options available for qualified borrowers.
      • No private mortgage insurance is required with a 20% down payment, which is a great advantage.
      • Fewer bureaucratic hurdles, making the loans quicker to process.
      • No government stipulations and prepayment penalties if you sell or refinance your house
    • Portfolio Loans
      • In-house; non-conforming.
      • Financial flexibility
      • Single -wide mobile homes
      • High debt to income
      • Loans that don't fit the VA, FHA, and Conventional guidelines
    • JUMBO Loans
      • Loans in excess of $453,100
      • Conventional lenders typically insist that the borrower put down more than 20% on a JUMBO loan.
      • Interest rates on JUMBO loans traditionally run higher than Conforming loans.
    • FHA Loans
      • Low down payments (as low as 3.5% of the purchase price).
      • Great rates
      • Easier credit qualifying
      • 100% gift funds acceptable for down payment and closing costs.
      • Flexible qualification guidelines.
      • El Paso County - less than $304,750.
      • Fremont County - less than $294,515.
      • For other counties in Colorado - please call us!
    • USDA Home Loans
      • No down payment 100% financing on a fixed 30-year loan, based on the appraised value of the home.
      • 2% guarantee fee may be included in financing.
      • Competitive interest rates.
      • Lender fees and closing costs (including prepaid funds) may be contributed by the seller or may be eligible to include in the loan, depending on the appraised value.
      • Gifts or grants permitted from family, friends, and non-profit agencies.
    • VA Loans
      • 100% Financing & No Down Payment Options
      • Competitively low VA loan interest rates
      • Seller can pay off your debts to qualify
      • No cash reserves required
      • VA funding can be financed
      • More leniency on derogatory credit
      • No monthly mortgage insurance
      • Maximum loan amount equal to the conforming loan limit
      • Loans ranging from 5 to 30 years

    • Standard Items
      • Signed Loan Application and Full Disclosures
      • Previous Two Years W-2's & Full Tax Returns (All Schedules) Most Recent 30 -Days' Pay Stubs or Proof of Any Income
      • 2 Most Recent, Consecutive Months Bank Statements
      • Homeowner's Insurance Information
        • Agent's Name, Phone Number, Address and E-mail
        • Declaration Page
        • Quote if Not Purchased
        • Policy Number & Full Policy if Available Purchase Contract
      • Copy of Driver's License
      • Current Mortgage Statement
      • Copy of Earnest Check (Purchase Only)
    • If Self-Employed
      • Previous Two Years Business Tax Returns
      • Year-To-Date Profit & Loss St2tement for Current Year
      • Business Licenses and Information for Corporate Entity
    • Additional Items if Applicable
      • Copy of Settlement Statement for Current Property if Sold or to be Sold
      • Form DD214/LES and VA Certificate of Eligibility Form (VA Loans Only)
      • Proof Student Loans are in Deferment
      • Document Stating Retirement/Annuity Income will continue for at Least 3 Years
      • Signed Gift Letter by Gift Give, Copy of Gift Check, Copy of Giver's Bank Statement Showing Available Funds
      • Bankruptcy Discharge/Dismissal Papers (If Applicable)
      • Divorce Decree (If Applicable)