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    You can build the home you truly want. Construction loans enable a new home to be built through the duration of construction so, turn that dream home into a reality! Our phase-based home construction loan structure simplifies the construction process and saves you money-leaving you with extra cash in your pocket.

    • Competitively low interest rates on our home construction loans
    • Phase-based structure designed to simplify the process and save you money
    • Temporary, short-term loan
    • Option to roll your construction loan into a full mortgage at the end of construction

    he perfect home begins with finding the perfect location. You can secure land for any purpose at a competitive rate. It doesn't make a difference if you are looking to invest in property or planning for the future… our lot loans can help you embark on your long-term real estate goals.

    • Flexible terms
    • Option to roll the balance of your land loan into a construction loan
    • Start construction when you're ready
    • Competitively low interest rate

    With a prequalification from RMBT, you can negotiate the best deal for your new or used car, boat, RV or motorcycle, saving you time and money.

    • Prequalification for easy shopping
    • Quick approval and loan closing
    • Personal service
    • Great rates
    • Flexible terms
    • Loan decisions made locally
    • Loan Terms - A variety of loan terms are available

    Deposit secured loans let you borrow for any need.

    • Borrow against the balance of your RMBT savings account or certificate of deposit
    • Access cash without disturbing your investments
    • Earn interest on your deposit account while paying back your loan
    • Use your loan proceeds for any purpose
    • Quick approval and loan closing
    • Personal service
    • Great rates
    • Flexible terms