ATM/Debit Cards

  • ATM Networks

    Effective February 1, 2018 Rocky Mountain Bank and Trust debit cards will have access to 25,000 surcharge-free MoneyPass ATMs across the country.

    Star SF Surcharge Free ATM


    Visit: Star Network

    MoneyPass Network:


    Find nearby MoneyPass ATMs with our free mobile apps.

    Finding a surcharge-free MoneyPass ATM couldn’t be easier with the MoneyPass ATM Locator app!
    With two convenient search options, you can find a MoneyPass ATM by entering an address or zip code or using your current location.

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  • Debit Cards

    • 50,000 free charge ATMs
    • Free debit card with any new Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust checking account
    • Available for use at any ATM
    • Accepted worldwide
    • Funds spent are deducted automatically
    • Easier than carrying around a wad of cash
    • Quicker than writing out and documenting a check